Take the stress out of borrowing
Credit shouldn't leave you worse off every month, so we help make sure it doesn't.

Fixed monthly repayments

(however much you borrow)

However much you borrow (up to your agreed limit) you only ever pay the same amount every month, unless you choose to overpay for free or have a balance less than your repayment amount. This predictable monthly repayment makes budgeting easier to help you take control of your money.
Credit limit
£100 / month
39.9% APR
Credit limit
£150 / month
34.8% APR
Credit limit
£200 / month
29.8% APR
Check you eligibility
(This won’t affect your credit score)

We care about our customers

Overpay for free

We’ll never charge for overpaying even if it's your whole balance – if you can manage it, great! We want you to feel good about your finances, not like you’re drowning in them.

Path to zero debt

Your fixed repayment amount is designed to reduce what you have borrowed by a meaningful amount every month. This means you will never pay more in interest than what you borrow.

No hidden fees

There's no hidden fees to surprise you when you're borrowing, and when you're balance is zero you don't need to pay a thing.
Check your eligibility
(This won’t affect your credit score)

Even better, it’s all on our app

Instantly transfer money from the Putty app to your bank account for free.

Total visibility of costs upfront


Easily make extra payments for free


Secure account access 24/7


Handy notifications and updates

Fixed repayments

These cover everything, Including the interest

No hidden fees

So you have peace of mind

Peace of mind

Applying won’t affect your credit score

Easy application

You’ll get a decision within 15 minutes

Affordable options

We find what you can afford before you commit

Overpay for free

Reduce your debt and costs even quicker

Check your eligibility
(This won’t affect your credit score)